How to cure hemorrhoid permanently?

Hemorrhoid is a common complaint of people when they enter into midlife. Hemorrhoid causes a huge amount of irritation to the people as it causes itching, rectal pain, and profuse bleeding. The main reason behind this is the increased pressure due to pregnancy, excess weight. But the relief comes with the assurance that hemorrhoid is never fatal. That is there is no life risk because of hemorrhoids or piles. All you need is the proper medication and care to get rid of this health hazard soon. It is not impossible to cure hemorrhoids permanently. The patient just needs to follow the instructions of the doctor properly.

What is hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid is the clinical condition characterized by the formation of a cluster of a vein just below the mucous membrane. The cluster is usually formed at the lower level of the rectum and anal canal. Usually, the cluster of vein forms when the veins get distended and swollen. Finally, the cluster of vein raptures sometimes and causes bleeding while defecating.  The presence of hemorrhoids makes defecation very stressful, hard even painful sometimes.

Types of hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is mainly of two types. Both of them produce severe irritations and discomfort. Still, some distinguishing factors make a clear borderline between the two varieties of hemorrhoids.

  • Internal hemorrhoid: Internal hemorrhoid is formed at the lower level of the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids us completely painless. Even internal hemorrhoid doesn’t produce pain while bleeding. One can find out the presence of internal hemorrhoids by noticing the small bloodstain on the toilet paper as no pain is felt.
  • External hemorrhoid: External hemorrhoid is very much uncomfortable and irritating compared to internal hemorrhoid. Because this one is formed just beneath the skin of the anus. This one produces too much itching and pain. Sometimes the patient is even unable to sit properly. The patient tends to wipe the anus repeatedly to get rid of the itching. But in reality, this wiping worsens the situation.

 How to cure hemorrhoid permanently

It is not impossible to cure hemorrhoids permanently. This goal can be achieved with proper and timely medication and consultation with the doctor. Proper care is incumbent to cure this health hazard fully. It requires proper medication until the patient gets well properly. If treatment and care are stopped in the middle, there is a risk of developing hemorrhoids again.

  1. Consult a physician: Whenever you notice the symptoms of hemorrhoids in you, take the appointment of a renowned doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will examine you carefully and determine the nature of the hemorrhoids. Only then he will be able to prescribe the necessary medicines. Also, the doctor will give you some necessary instructions that are to be pursued to the fullest. Never visit a quack as they will cause you to suffer more. Sometimes the wrong treatment can cause severe health hazards.
  • Proper medication: To cure hemorrhoids completely, you will need some medicine taken orally. The hemorrhoid tablets like removal are proven scientifically to reduce the duration of the piles. Moreover, the tablets are very helpful to reduce pain and irritation. Even the tablets are congenial to cleanliness and easy to take. Some ointments can also be applied to get some relief. But the application of ointment is not favorable to the proper cleanliness. Also, the application procedure is a bit hazardous. But the use of wipes is very much helpful to this condition. Besides some may think that the use of a suppository is helpful. This conception is wrong.
  • Proper care:  You need to be very careful regarding the health condition. Avoid all stressful and physical work. Try to take rest in your house. Avoid standing for a long time and any type of physical hardship. Try to have fresh vegetables and fruits in your meal. Never choose any junk food. And most importantly, try to remain neat and clean all the time.
  • Home remedies to cure piles permanently: Whatever may be the condition of hemorrhoid, home remedy always helps to get relief. Some effective home remedies are :
  • Try to have fibre rich foods:  Eating fibre rich food is very much helpful to the piles. Taking a huge amount of fruits, vegetables and grains adds volume to the stools. It also helps to soften the stool to a great extent. As a result, the patient will feel less pain while defecating.
  • Application of topical treatment: Application of the counter hemorrhoid cream to the whole anal area provides great comfort and relief. Also, the use of a pad that contains witch hazel is a saviour in this particular case. Moreover, you can use a suppository that contains hydrocortisone if the level of pain is beyond tolerance.
  • Take a warm bath at a regular interval: Try to provide a warm bath to your anal area for 10-15 minutes frequently. Try to do it twice or thrice a week. The application of warm water will convey some relief in this case.
  • Take pain killer: If you find it hard to tolerate the pain, you can go for some pain killer certainly. The use of a pain killer will provide you temporary relief. But it is unable to provide any long term relief.
  • Rubber band therapy:  The rubber band therapy includes the application of two rubber bands around the base of internal hemorrhoids. Because of this rubber band, the circulation of blood within the hemorrhoid is hampered highly. So hemorrhoids get become none functional soon.
  • Sclerotherapy: The doctor injects some chemicals with the help of an injection into hemorrhoids. As a result, hemorrhoid shrinks quickly. This procedure is almost painless. But the rate of effectiveness of this procedure is not too high.
  • Surgery: The doctor may decide to go for surgery if the condition tends to become critical. The surgeon chooses the area of hemorrhoid that has to be removed and performs the surgery through the application of local anesthesia.


Prevention is always better than cure. So it is wise to concentrate on the prevention of hemorrhoid rather than the cure of hemorrhoid permanently. Eat healthily and stay healthy. And keep the risk of haemorrhoids far away.